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Lifeline rescue boat


26.06.2018 – 14: 06h

Parties in Corts, support that Valencia welcome a new boat but urge the EU to seek a solution to immigration 0

  • The political parties represented in Les Corts have been favorable to València hosting the rescue vessel ‘Lifeline’, but have urged the European Union (EU) to seek a global solution to the problem of immigration.

26.06.2018 – 14: 05h

Cabanes defends his “clear and resounding” idea of ​​the future of the party with measures such as an anti-corruption office 0

  • The candidate for the presidency of the Popular Party Elio Cabanes has presented this morning in València his electoral program before a notary, and has defended that he and his team have a “clear and emphatic” idea of ​​what they want for the Party.

26.06.2018 – 13: 51h

Paterna activates a campaign to prevent negative health effects during heat waves 0

  • The municipality of Paterna has activated the campaign to prevent negative health effects during heat waves that will be active until September 30 and includes a specific section on the municipal website with a catalog of good practices, including use of Light clothing and light colors, avoid copious meals, drink plenty of water or avoid physical efforts and direct exposure to the sun during the central hours of the day.




Arrested in Granada the suspect of killing his mother in Elche 2


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