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New Investments: Investment in a different way

Berlin – investing money can also be fun. Anyone who makes a financial investment a matter of the heart can not only enjoy a good return, but also have fun. An investment in art or antiques, for example: On the one hand savers put their money visibly in objects that they can enjoy at any moment and this emotional return can be accompanied in the long run by a high financial return.


Picture: Money 

For example, top antiques bring in more than 10 percent annual returns. The condition is, however, that investors can spare their money some time. Because high auction fees for the purchase and sale of 10 to 25 percent of the purchase price prevent any short-term speculation – here long breath is needed.


This also applies to an investment in watches – if investors are really well informed. Because crucial for the investment success in watches are the prospects of the model. The less the series from which the clock comes, the more valuable the piece. In addition, the style of the clock should be as neutral as possible: Because as an investment object are especially suitable classic watches that follow any fashion trend. If you want to invest in watches, you can find information on the most important auctions in the industry at uhrenpreisspiegel.de. On the portal, potential investors can gather initial information, which models were auctioned off well, and which watches gain in value.

Model trains

Model trains are also high on the list: as a child, many had one in the basement or floor, today they are a good investment idea. Several € 10,000 will be paid if rare models are auctioned. But to achieve a good price, an absolute knowledge of the market is a prerequisite. Interested parties can find the basis for this in the catalogs of the providers such as Kolls Preiskatalog 2010, which can be ordered online. If you really want to invest well, you should especially browse at flea markets, because there are real bargains.


They are just as suitable for retail investors as they are for savers with a larger budget: vintage cars. The historic cars – recognizable by the way by the H at the right edge – are then among the classic cars, if they are older than 30 years. However, the oldtimers are really only suitable for models that are made in smaller numbers or are particularly popular with collectors. A Mercedes 280 SL, for example, costs around 25,000 euros in good condition and can generate an annual return of 4 percent. A real profit driver are such cars but most likely for hobbyists who buy not restored cars and bring them fully restored on the market and sell. Here, one-time returns of up to 30 percent are possible.



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