Payout today: Loans from 500 kr. To 15.000 kr.

zaemus is a newer loan provider in the Danish market, which is also a registered trademark of Moment Solutions ApS. zaemus offers a loan of NOK 500 and up to NOK 15,000. This makes it easy to borrow extra money for the new dream kitchen or for the journey south.

At the same time, the loan provider has an easy and quick application process, so you can easily start applying for a loan on zaemus’s website. The loan provider also focuses on giving you a quick response to your application, so you can book your holiday as soon as possible. In the following, zaemus are presented, their offers as well as requirements related to borrowing. In addition, you get an overview of how to apply for a loan at zaemus.

However, the credit loan also has a relatively short maturity, which means that you have to pay the borrowed amount over a relatively short period of time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to think of the budget and the ability to repay the borrowed amount over a short period of time. Therefore, check these things before you raise a loan at zaemus. This avoids annoying frustrations about repayment and you can simply enjoy the good loan that you have taken up for what you are just and missing.

Loans up to 15,000 NOK at zaemus

As mentioned, it is possible to borrow up to NOK 15,000 at zaemus. However, it is possible to borrow only 2,000 kroner for the dentist bill or 4,000 for the car repairs. This allows you to borrow an amount for whatever you are missing and missing. If you do not have so much money in the account at the end of the month, it’s easy to go to zaemus’s website and apply for a loan to solve the problem. You can also decide what the money will be used for, as zaemus will not ask for this in the application process.

This makes it much easier to get a loan with this loan provider than if you go down the bank. The bank wants to know what you want to spend the money on. In addition, zaemus will be able to borrow a loan without security. Although this sounds like a negative consequence, it’s the opposite, as with a loan without security you do not have to put anything worthwhile in collateral for the loan. In this way, just focus on lending exactly the amount you want and need to make your everyday a little easier or more fun.

Loans up to 2,000 kroner the first time

Is the first time you want to borrow from zaemus, please note that the amount can not reach 15,000 kroner. As initial loans with the loan provider you have the option to borrow up to 2,000 kroner. This is also a significant amount if you just stand out and need a little money for a new tight sweater for winter or a suitcase for the long awaited dream trip.

You also have 30 days for your first interest payment. Therefore, in this context, you must be sure that you can repay the interest on that date. However, the amount of interest is not so high when the loan amount only reaches NOK 2,000. On the other hand, you should not worry too much about not being able to repay the amount and therefore it is a good option to receive the necessary amount in the account.

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